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Q: Are membership fees required upfront to begin receiving professional services?

A: Not all services require membership.

Q: Is the Access fee refundable?

A: No.

Q: Does membership  access auto renew each year?

A: No

Q: Will I be required to submit confidential information like my social security number or a background check?

A: No.

Q: Why is membership access required for some services ?

A: This firm is not like others. We prefer a secured network and offer a business referral network that eliminates clients searching excessively for desirable professional services. Let us recommend the folks to you. Imagine going through one network for everything or maybe just some things. Get your professional service needs handled through one agency which may help ensure all members have convenience to professional services and connections through direct and or indirect business referrals. If you seek employment or maybe you seek a business mentor, we are the professionals that can handle your request as soon as possible. 

Members are entitled to a wide range of services including business consultations (advice and other available business related consultations), event planning, home improvement, entertainment and promotional services, employment staffing, sales generating recruitment and plus more.

Members request one or more services and submit the requests online or by phone.

Membership is 12 months but is not a solid contract as it is an agreement to connect through professional organization.

Calendar Month 1 through Month 12 : Members have access to request all available services.

Month 12 : A professional letter of recommendation is written by the CEO which will include the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person being recommended as it is related to being a resourceful member. The professional letter can be used as a good review of your business and to land desirable job opportunities.

Q: How can I become a member online?

A: You may fill out the membership application and send it to email address info@membershipadvantage.online  or inquire online via the website contact form.

Q: Will the company recruit workers for unique job roles that may include research and travel assignments?

A:  Yes. Please call or complete the contact form to initiate the request.

Q: I am a member, how do I submit a service to request a professional service i.e. (administrative, cleaning etc.)?

A: You may submit service requests via the service requests page. Be detailed in your request as much as possible

Q: Are Membership Advantage available to manage a department  in a cloud based environment?

A: Yes, and if at anytime there are not enough staff members in our applicant database to perform work assignments it is our duty to recruit the staff your company needs to fulfill the job role(s).

Q: Is Membership Advantage open for business and actively placing employees on work assignments?

A: Yes and although job vacancies are not all ways available applicants are  encouraged to submit resume and complete application for rewarding future opportunities.

Q: Are assessments required to test the candidates job skills before job placement?

A: We do not enforce strict testing policies for candidates however, upon accepting a work assignment clients may require assessment completion that may be mandatory before performing jobs for pay.

Q: What are the business hours of operation?

A: Each work project or client assignment may have specific hours of operation however, business consultants may respond to client customer inquiries within 72 hours.

Q: What payment methods are accepted for online payments?

A: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, debit and credit cards

Q: Is Membership Advantage  a subsidiary of Quonvity Communications LLC?

A: Quonvity Communications is the parent company name as we are doing business as Membership Advantage Online.

Q: The website addresses www.quonvity.com and www.membershipadvantage.online directs to www.membershipadvantage.org, is this normal?

A: Yes. Both web addresses will link to the same site.

Q: Is the company hiring for any employment positions?

A: Yes. Commission pay positions are available now. Send an email request to begin the membershipsales role.




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