About The Company


Membership Advantage Online is an executive search and leadership consulting firm formerly doing business as Quonvity Communications. The virtual firm started solely as a telecommunications and virtual reality company however, now offers more than telecommunications and virtual reality experience .We are skilled to perform in a wide range of industries  and offer business professional business services through affiliate client membership. The company has working experience in establishing talent and performance agreements, managing business, performing job operations including job hiring recruitment to meet employment staffing needs and many other consumer requested professional services. Our direct focus and responsibility is to contribute consumer support, organizational development,leadership development, performance management, diversity, and partner relations. The business has been operating since the early 1980s doing business as a sole proprietorship and founded the legal business name year 2011. The parent company name is a unique term of word meanings including longevity quantity quality

Membership Advantage has created and owns the rights to nine sprint into a check™ logo designs showing expressions of longevity quantity quality.   We may be a workforce employment extension to your current team to perform professional hiring/recruitment, training, employee relations, performance evaluations and metrics, compensation, and benefits initiatives through client contractual agreements. Companies may find our executive business consulting services prestigious in its ability to maintain a companies core values while performing comfortably and practicing workforce convenience methods. We help people and businesses reach their career goals and maintain a good consumer reputation.


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